Friday, September 29, 2006

“You have to, you just have to trust me. / Whoever I was then, / I can’t ever be again.”

“Miami”, Taking Back Sunday, Louder Now

Dreams suck.  Thank God, Jesus, FSM, and anyone else responsible for the fact that I don’t dream very often.  This (the night before last) is actualy the first dream that I’ve had since I’ve been here at R.I.T.  Then, I had another fucking dream last night!  God dammit!  I don’t remember much of last night’s dream, aside from the fact that is wasn’t as creepy as the previous night’s dream.  That dream, however, … holy shit …

I never know when/where my dreams start, but I believe my memory of started with me in a car, my mother driving.  We were in Brooklyn Square (a small section of Jamestown with a Tim Horton’s, a Chinese restaurant, a Big Lots, and three drug stores).  There were talks of a terrorist attack, and planes were flying about overhead.  I remember a lot of talking, but the subject now escapes me.  Anyway, one of the planes hit the area of the bridge; we barely escaped it.  Then, as we got done with our “Thank God”s, I looked out the windshield (upward), and saw a plane coming straight down at us.

Then I awoke in a cold sweat, with two hours until my alarm went off.  I thought about getting up, but general laziness allowed me to go back to sleep (two hours isn’t enough to dream anyway).

Man, I fucking hate dreams.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

“It’s called the Revolutionary War, not the Revolutionary Let’s All Sit Down and Talk about Our Feelings.”

Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report, 8/3/2006

Homework, the bane of my existence.  I’m in Computer Science I right now, and it started at 2:00.  I remembered the homework at about 1:45 on my way out of my room.  (Actually, Alex K. reminded me.)  I flew through that as quickly as possible then briskly walked into class.  I managed to make it in time for attendance.  Fortunately, the homework was just something to go over in class, and I got an easy question.  Then, I got a little brown-nosing in by correcting a minor error that someone else made.  Now we’re going over what will be on the quiz on Thursday.  Whoa, there’s a Java program on the quiz… in Computer Science… that should be less of a surprise.

My A.D.D. is kicking in… these damned glasses are a little crooked.  I need a screwdriver.

Hmm, time for learning.  Object-oriented programming, that sounds new, but allegedly C++ is object-oriented.  Cool?

I need to update my schedule, still.  I’ll do that later.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

“Blindness separates people from things, but deafness separates people from people.”

Helen Keller

Since the late 1960’s, the N.T.I.D. (National Technical Institute for the Deaf) has been one of the 8 “colleges” at R.I.T.  Over 8% of the total R.I.T. population is deaf or hard-of-hearing.  There are deaf and hearing dorms and classes, but in an effort to mainstream deaf students, there are many mixed dorms and classes.  Because classes have not started, yet, I can only say that I have no deaf students in my dorm.  I would be surprised, though, if I had no classes with deaf students.  Anyway, I have been giving it some thought, and I think that I am going to try to learn A.S.L. (American Sign Language).  The only contact that I’ve had with deaf people is with Sami F.’s parents, and they speech-read and speak very well.  I doubt that they even know A.S.L.  An easy way of making a little money here at R.I.T. is to take notes for the deaf students.  Because I’ll be taking notes anyway, it won’t be a hassle.  In high school I had done this many times for various reasons, the only obstacle that I see is communicating with the deaf.  Learning A.S.L. will, of course, solve this.

It is obvious, I hope, that money isn’t the only incentive that I have to do this.  Knowing A.S.L., like any “foreign” language, will open up many job opportunities, though most of them are in fields in which I have no interest (customer service, restaurant, etc. social crap).  I guess that my primary incentive is to help people.  It’s too bad that R.I.T. has to be the mixed (deaf and hearing) college with the highest population of deaf students.  Us geeks are quite shy, and even the ones who want to include the deaf and hard-of-hearing (or vice versa), aren’t apt to do so.

While on the subject of the deaf and hard-of-hearing, at the “Two Worlds” seminar-thingy, the controversy of the cochlear implant came up.  I guess some deaf people are proud of their condition, and they feel that those who accept the cochlear implant are denouncing the deaf community.  To me, this sounds like bullshit.  I can’t imagine how anyone would abandon the deaf community just because they could hear.  Also, you can’t blame someone for trying to be “normal”.  If I was lacking a sense, especially if I had lost it and could remember a time when I had it, I would probably do anything shy of killing a man just to get it back, if even for a moment.  Sure when I eat cafeteria food, I wish I couldn’t taste, or when I drive through the country, I wish I couldn’t smell the manure, but if I actually couldn’t taste or smell, I’d be very distraught.  To shun someone for trying to gain or regain a sense is an extremely selfish act, in my opinion.  I see the cochlear implant as a way for the quality of life of the deaf population to increase, not as a device meant to vanquish all deaf culture.  This invention could be priceless to children who must otherwise grow up different and teased.  Everyone at R.I.T., especially the deaf community, knows how mean children can be, and denying anyone who could benefit from the cochlear implant is a terrible course of action.

But that’s just my opinion.