Sunday, August 06, 2006

“By order of the prophet / We ban that boogie sound; / Degenerate the faithful / With that crazy casbah sound.”

“Rock the Casbah”, The Clash, Combat Rock (1982)

Well, Matt F.’s graduation party is tomorrow, and I can think of nothing to get him.  I feel bad just defaulting to card + $5, but considering most of my friends got be less than that, it’s feeling more appropriate with each lazy thought.  I found some art-y crap in my room while cleaning that I’m going to give to Jamis.  I should have gotten rid of it ages ago; I guess my hatred of art is only matched by my laziness.  (I know you’ll read this, Jamis, but what art-y crap did I find?  You’ll never know!…  until your graduation party.)

I’m starting to get concerned about college, or more accurately college life.  I almost envy the J.C.C. attendees, they will resume their normal lives, just at a new school, like Higher School.  (Okay, that sounds like a bad Wayan’s brothers movie, but you get the idea.)  I’ve always hated change and effort, and that’s all that college is!  I try to convince myself that all of the geeks and high speed internet will be worth it (maybe I can even find a lasting relationship, rather than a weeklong high school fling, which are few and far between), but nothing beats getting up a noon, doing nothing all day, and complaining when I have a graduation party to go to.  College will probably be the greatest thing to ever happen to me, especially considering the hell that was high school (and middle school and elementary school; kindergarten was pretty good).  I got my schedule in the mail, and I’ve put it in my Mozilla Sunbird calendar.  I’ll upload it to Photobucket, and put it in the About Me post.

Edit: I know that the image is too wide; deal with it.
Edit2: Or buy a widescreen monitor.  :)