Monday, May 29, 2006

“If I could be a superhero…”

Stephen Lynch, “Superhero”, Superhero

Due to lack of posts (which is due to lack of eventful happenings), I’ve decided to make a list of what my superpowers would be if I were to become a superhero.  (Yes, I’m really bored.  I’m trying to do my Economics homework, but it’s just too boring.  When am I ever going to use that crap?)  I think that this list, though seemingly meaningless, shines a light onto my complicated personality.  …or maybe I stayed up until 4:30 last night watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on Nick at Nite, and now I’m a little out of it, whatever.

full moonsun
peace and quiet (with music, of course)stupid people, large groups, women

Come to think of it, I’d make a shitty superhero.  If I was Superman, I would probably spend all of my time in the Fortress of Solitude, and Lois Lane would be dead in a week.  I’d be too busy thinking of something clever to say to her to actually save her from whatever trap Lex Luthor put her in.  (Note to self, go see Superman Returns on June 30th, even if retarded friends decide it’s too rainy or some other bullshit.)

Monday, May 15, 2006

“24 centimeters, Data’s fully functional.”

Futuristic Sex Robotz “The Positronic Pimp” Hotel Coral Essex

Long live free music!  This band called the Futuristic Sex Robotz has been releasing “Gangster Nerd Rap” via the Creative Commons License (read: free).  Not only that, but it is completely legal to distribute, remix, parody, etc. with absolutely no need for royalties/permission.  It would be illegal for me to sell burned copies of Hotel Coral Essex, but I could legally make remixes and sell those (because of the huge market for remixed “Gangster Nerd Rap” here in Frewsburg).  I hope that this format of music is embraced in the future, and not squashed by the RIAA.  (Note the song: “Fuck the MPAA.”)

On a totally different note, I went to Forrest’s huge bon fire last Saturday night.  At one point, there was 19 people there.  I loved the midgit/German feud that went on between Kyle F. and Stephen P. 

About the Fun with Dick and Jane ISO, I used Xvid to recompress it to ~760 MB.  The quality is great, and my hard drive suffers just a little bit less.  I really need a 250 GB SATA HDD soon.  (Abbreviations galore!)