Wednesday, April 12, 2006

“He’s biting me! The f*cker’s biting me!”

Dr. Evil, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Matt brought home some “broken” computers from work last night.  They would turn themselves on when plugged in and wouldn’t boot.  The problem: no RAM.  There’s a difficult problem.  I had them both running in a matter of minutes.  One’s a Pentium II (350 MHz) and the other’s a Pentium III (450 MHz).  Matt’s going to use the Pentium III for DJing.

There was also a 40 GB hard drive marked “bad”.  I don’t know what the problem is, but it passed a DOS-based full media scan, so I think it’s alright.  I’ll try a second scan tonight.  In the two computers are each 6 GB hard drives, and Mark may have a 10 GB hard drive to give me.  That would give me a total of two 10 GB drives, two 6 GB drives, one 40 GB drive, one 10 GB laptop drive, and one 20 GB laptop drive.  Matt could use the two 10 GB drives, a 6 GB drive, and the 20 GB laptop drive (USB enclosed) to DJ, leaving me with the 40 GB drive, a 6 GB drive, and the 10 GB laptop drive (USB enclosed).

Anyway, mother wants as much of it as possible to go to Matt, even though he’s been DJing off of 10 GB for a long time now.  He’s never had more than 40 GB, and that was the family computer (i.e. loaded with my shit).  Even he would take a while to fill up 46 GB (though only 26 GB now, because we haven’t ordered the USB enclosure).  Also, mother thinks I won’t be using that computer in college.  Bullshit!  I paid good money for that, and I plan on using it.  I just wish that either, a) she learns more about computers before dictating who gets what, or b) she lets Matt decide.  He did bring them home.

Edit: Now that I’m home, I realize that I forgot to explain this post’s title.  While swapping computer guts, a hard drive got stuck.  I got it out with some elbow grease (and headlight fluid), but I cut my hand while doing so.  My mom noticed I was bleeding, and I told her that my hard drive bit me.  It was funnier at the time… I guess you had to be there.