Friday, March 17, 2006

“…You got me harder than Chinese math.”

mc chris, “Booties for Breakfast”

Well, I’ve been contemplating whether to go to prom, and I finally decided to ask someone.  She said no.  (I guess I picked wrong)  Now, I’ve decided not go, and everyone who finds out thinks it’s their civic duty to make sure that I go.

“It’s your senior prom!”
“I went to junior prom, this can’t be much different.”

“We’re all going!”
“Well, I hope you have an excellent time …and get in an accident on the way home…

“You’ll regret it!”
“I regret going to junior prom.  I regret asking anyone to go.  I regret not making coffee this morning.  I regret a lot of things.”

It’s not just my friends, too.  There are people I talk to maybe once a month who want to why I would possibly want to not go.