Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Right now I have about $9,500 per year in scholarships, most of them coming straight from R.I.T.  I have been writing essays like madness for months now.  (“Like madness” means a couple each month, on top of all my English homework.)  Many of the scholarships for which I’ve applied, I stand virtually no chance of winning.  My idiot mother thinks that stretching a handful of extracurriculars will make me as appealing as those who freely tutor young kids (…Jamis…) or aid the elderly.  I’ve applied for the NY Lottery Leadership scholarship despite the fact that of my top three leadership activities, one was exaggerated and the other two were almost downright lies.  The only thing that makes me not feel like an asshole for lying to obtain money is the fact that some others get scholarships and tuition discounts just because of their skin color.  At least lying is a skill.  (By the way, I’m a terrible liar, but lying on paper is very easy.)

I think that we need more grade-based scholarships.  Community service-based scholarships are feel-good-scholarships: if we force our kids to help others a little, they’ll do it on their own later in life.  That’s mostly crap.  Many of the tutors and community servers are doing it out of the kindness of their hearts, but most aren’t.  The ones that are don’t need the scholarship to motivate them anyway.