Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ohio is for Lovers, and Myspace is for Stalkers

Well, I finally have a good reason for not posting for about a month.  To start, I always expected to be a stalker, not have one.  Anyway, I got a Myspace friend invite from someone I thought I knew.  I accepted before realizing that it was someone I don’t really know (same first name).  Shortly after I discovered my error, but saw that she’s a senior from Jamestown High School, so I didn’t think much of it.  We talked for a while, and soon she began to think that we were going out.  No one informed me of this!  I tried to explain that we still haven’t met in person yet, but she didn’t seem to think that that was important.  Finally, I started asking around for people who knew her, and the one person who did told me to end the “relationship” immediately.  I took her advice and told her (the stalker) that I was going to rekindle an old flame, and that I’m sorry to have lead her on.  She replied angrily (expected), and I un-friended her (and deleted her “we’ll be together forever” comment).

All in all, I certainly have learned a lesson.  …Something about not giving away too much information on the Internet.…  Oh, well, I’m off to update my “About Me” section and make purchases online.