Monday, December 12, 2005

“I don’t give a damn!”

“Puberty Boy” Joel M.’s band

I feel bad that I forgot the name of the band.  Anyway, Jamis’ Battle of the Bands was last Friday, and it wasn’t half bad.  The lateness was extremely disappointing, but I can’t blame Jamis.  I think they were supposed have the new gym, but the boy’s basketball game from earlier that week was postponed due to weather.  Of course the run-of-the-mill sports game gets seniority over the one-time-only Battle of the Bands that was scheduled for weeks (maybe months) in advance.  Whoever runs VH1’s Save the Music would shit his pants if he found out.

Hello, Star Vega won, and I’m pretty happy about that.  I wouldn’t have given them first place, but they certainly rocked quite hard.  It was nice seeing Dana Nordlund there.  I still need to post that picture of me that was put in a photographer’s magazine.  I’ve been meaning to post that sometime… I will eventually.  Sorry for ranting for you Jamis.  Feel free to correct any facts I screwed up.

…I’m still waiting for that CD, Joel…