Sunday, November 13, 2005

“No matter how high the throne, there sits but an ass.”


I used that quote in my English paper… I’m bad-ass.  I think that that was the first paper this year that I started earlier than the night before it was due.  I wonder what I got on it.

The Bills won another game today.  Now they’re second in their division, at 4-5.  The Super Bowl champs, the New England Patriots, are in first at 5-4.  Our division sucks.

Sami F. owes me big time, and she knows it.  We were volunteering for the Leo Club (Lions Club for teenagers) at the Blue Building (It’s a small town, and we aren’t very creative.), and my job was getting drinks for the customers.  I know I’m anti-social, but even I can ask people, “Milk, water, or coffee?”  After aiding three people, Allison O. approaches me and says, “You’re doing dishes in the kitchen.”  My response: “No.”  Unwilling to make a scene, I go with her to the kitchen, ready to do dishes.  She tells the cook that I am theirs.  I was going to mention the 13th Amendment, but it was a little too late.  After Allison left, some guy asked me, “Is that your girlfriend?”  “Nope, I just don’t have a spine.”  Anyway, I blame Sami because of the smirk she gave me on the way to the kitchen.  She was the one who volunteered me, I’m sure of it.  She’s goin’ down…

Mrs. Edwards dropped a bit of a bomb at the last quiz bowl practice.  We’re going to start wearing fancy clothes to the matches.  Now I need to get a new pair of fancy pants.  (My old ones are fading in fanciness.  Also, they’re a little too small.)