Monday, November 14, 2005

“I've pissed higher than the tallest building in Utah.”

Maddox, “Idaho Blows”,

Those lousy <Asian_stereotype />s can’t get a simple online order right.  I ordered three items (see this post), and because one is still in back-order, they still have yet to ship.  I knew it was in back-order, but it was expected to ship November 1st, and today is November 13th, and it still hasn’t shipped.  I emailed them yesterday, cancelling the Retro GameCube Controller.  Hopefully I’ll get the two adapters before Christmas…

So Howard Stern got suspended for a day for promoting his upcomng Sirius channel.  That seems lke total crap.  All media is is a method of advertisement, and Howard gets suspended for advertising.  I find Howard to be pretty played out, but I’m buying into the Sirius hype.  His first broadcast is gonna be great.  He’ll just be swearing and bashing the F.C.C.  I’m so glad Dish Network is offering free Sirius radio on their service.  I’m hooked on Alt Nation (Sirius Channel 21, Dish Network Channel 6021), and Howard Stern’s two channels are gonna be sweet (…until they get old, too).