Tuesday, October 11, 2005

“I need two girls, if I can’t have you.”

Paranoid Social Club, “Two Girls”, Paranoid Social Club

Two posts in one day; amazing, I know.  I just saw this digg.com article and had to post again.  I will now explain how to use Google as a file downloading application.

By using the Advanced Search, one notices the file format option.  Of course only .pdf, .doc, and other document files are listed, but Google is far more capable.  Choosing a .doc file format merely adds a “ filetype:doc” to the end of the seach string.  If you are looking for any file, including .mp3’s, .torrent’s, and .ogg’s merely add “ filetype:mp3” to your search string.  Be sure to download legally.  NES Emulators use the file format .nes, so if you are looking for a legal homebrew NES ROM created by someone named Mario merely search for “Mario filetype:nes” (without the quotes).