Tuesday, October 11, 2005

“Higgins Doesn’t Believe U.S. Should Immediately Pull Out”

The Post-Journal (2005/10/11)

The Post-Journal and other newspapers use Garfield to lure the unsuspecting children and corrupt them with headlines such as this.  People look to The Post-Journal for accurate reporting (HAH!), not vulgar sexual innuendo.

Anyway, with that aside, I have to rant about Starbucks coffee, the Frappuccino® in particular.  Six fucking dollars for 38 fl. oz.?!  What are they, high?  And worse yet, I paid for it!  I gave six of my hard-earned dollars (shut up) for four little bottles of Mint Mocha.  On top of that, they aren’t even that good.  They taste watered down, and they have a funny aftertaste.  Starbucks is supposed to be the best.  (They certainly cost the most.)  I’d rather get the $1 16 fl. oz. mocha coffee from Wal♦Mart.