Thursday, October 20, 2005

“Right to bear arms, Second Commandment!”

Denny Crane (William Shatner) “A Whiff and a Prayer” Boston Legal

I can’t believe the Bills won last Sunday, but even more, I can’t believe the sportscasters.  “…And the Bills are just manhandling the Jets!”  “The Buffalo Bills are having their way with the Jets…”  And don’t forget the wardrobe malfunction!  I did not need to see Sam Adams’ ass crack, not once, but twice!  I nearly extracted my eye balls with my remote control.

So, I check my blog as I type this, and apparently I’ve been hacked!  I apologize to those who may have attempted to acquire Viagra at $3.3, and were met, most likely, with spyware.  I really hope that it doesn’t happen again.  I disabled the mail-to-blog feature, so I should be safe.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

“I need two girls, if I can’t have you.”

Paranoid Social Club, “Two Girls”, Paranoid Social Club

Two posts in one day; amazing, I know.  I just saw this article and had to post again.  I will now explain how to use Google as a file downloading application.

By using the Advanced Search, one notices the file format option.  Of course only .pdf, .doc, and other document files are listed, but Google is far more capable.  Choosing a .doc file format merely adds a “ filetype:doc” to the end of the seach string.  If you are looking for any file, including .mp3’s, .torrent’s, and .ogg’s merely add “ filetype:mp3” to your search string.  Be sure to download legally.  NES Emulators use the file format .nes, so if you are looking for a legal homebrew NES ROM created by someone named Mario merely search for “Mario filetype:nes” (without the quotes).

“Higgins Doesn’t Believe U.S. Should Immediately Pull Out”

The Post-Journal (2005/10/11)

The Post-Journal and other newspapers use Garfield to lure the unsuspecting children and corrupt them with headlines such as this.  People look to The Post-Journal for accurate reporting (HAH!), not vulgar sexual innuendo.

Anyway, with that aside, I have to rant about Starbucks coffee, the Frappuccino® in particular.  Six fucking dollars for 38 fl. oz.?!  What are they, high?  And worse yet, I paid for it!  I gave six of my hard-earned dollars (shut up) for four little bottles of Mint Mocha.  On top of that, they aren’t even that good.  They taste watered down, and they have a funny aftertaste.  Starbucks is supposed to be the best.  (They certainly cost the most.)  I’d rather get the $1 16 fl. oz. mocha coffee from Wal♦Mart.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery, “Jeopardy!”, Saturday Night Live

The NES Emulators (Nester, NesterJ) are really addicting.  Brian, his brother, and I have been playing Super Mario Bros. 3 ad infinitum, so I of course had to buy these:
Retro GameCube Controller
GameCube to USB Adapter
Xbox to USB Adapter (for Brian and his love of the ginormous Xbox controller).

Nintendo has a total bullshit article about ROMs and emulators.  Apparently, copying media that you paid for is extremely illegal.  Someone better tell Steve Jobs, because iTunes is selling digital copies of music that can be copied three times, and iTunes has sold millions of songs.  If Nintendo is right, Apple can be sued into oblivion!  …That would be awesome!