Monday, June 27, 2005

“Hey guys, what's going on? I was just jerki… ed out of a deep sleep.”

Glen Quagmire, Family Guy

Wow, it’s been nearly a month since my last post, and it may be a while before my next post, too.  I’m at Mark’s computer right now; I still don’t have one of my own.  I have about $500 saved up, and it’s probably going to go toward a $600 used 1996 Cadillac.  I haven’t yet seen the car, but it’s in nice condition, has power locks and windows, and has a radio: all things my red truck does not have.  Also, it runs.  Unfortunately, I need to acquire a job to pay for the insurance and gas.  (I’m not too worried about the $100 more I need to pay for the car.)

I got my S.A.T. score, here’s the breakdown:

Old Score

It’s not bad, but I was hoping to do better.  I’ll probably take it again either in October or next year.  I only beat Dieff by about 100 points.  I just hope I beat Shane… and Jamis.

My new school schedule for the summer is as follows:

4b 5asleep
5bcsleep/The Price Is Right
6breakfast in front of the TV

That’s enough for today.  I haven’t been keeping up with the journal, so that’s done.  I guess I’ll keep trying to fix Brian’s computer, but until then, there may not be any posts for a long while.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Computers can be pretty gay.

I currently have access to no computer outside of school.  My step-dad bought a laptop for DJing, but I am never going to touch it.  That way, when it gets full of spyware and viruses, my parents have no way to blame me.  I will be keeping a paper journal to log my life during the summer, and I’ll periodically post that info here from my neighbor’s computer.  Sorry about that…

Anyway, I take the S.A.T. tomorrow.  I’m a little worried, but I think I’ll do pretty well.  Jamis is driving me and Shane to Fredonia, so the car ride should be precisely 2.43 metric assloads of fun.

Sorry I don’t have that witty edge today, I’ve been feeling pretty blah for the past few days, both emotionally and physically.  (I have a cold.)  So until next time, which may be some time from now.