Sunday, May 29, 2005

“Somehow, there are only ghosts in the U.S.”

Lars Harzmeier, a German foreign exchange student at F.C.S.

With prom a week behind me, there is no good romantic news to share, but there is a correction on the last post.  Matt D. never left the prom early as I was informed; he merely had his date swept away by Brian.  Perhaps I should take notes from him, since apparently, even my date was not interested in me.

Brian and his family left for Gettysburg, PA this weekend, so I’m going to be bored for the entirety of this weekend.  My step-dad’s friend Aaron and his wife, brother, and brother’s wife all came to Frewsburg from Ohio for the weekend.  They brought… shudder… a child.  He’s about four or five years old and annoying as hell.  I even feel bad for my dog, who received the blunt of his… attention.  I don’t really like kids… at all… so I stayed in my room doing homework and watching VH1’s Games Show Moments Gone Bananas 2 until Aaron’s brother, his wife, and their child left.  When I went out of the safety of my room to obtain pizza, I donned my Keep out of Direct Sunlight t-shirt to continue the premise that I’m merely anti-social, and not that I find the fruit of their loins utterly repulsive.  After the child (No, I don’t know his name.) left, I exited my room and socialized with Aaron and his wife until they left.

The S.A.T. is next weekend, and I’m a little less than pumped.  Jamis is driving me and Shane (the little Indian boy) to Fredonia to take it.  Please note that I am only racist towards Shane because a) it makes his liberal-hippie-douche bag head spin and b) he gets a $1,000 check in the mail every few months from those damned casinos.  Also, he’s probably going to get a whole bunch of undeserved scholarships on top of his deserved ones.  Those who have seen Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle will remember the insult “Twinkie” (yellow on the outside, white on the inside; an Asian who who acts white).  Well Shane is red on the outside and yellow on the inside (like fire, or something).  He’s pretty bright, but unlike Jamis and myself, Shane actually tries.  He studies and goes to review classes, and everyone there points out to him that said review classes are mainly for those who are a little behind.

An interesting side note about Shane’s Seneca heritage, the Senecas massacred the Eries for their territory.  When we white people do the same to them, everyone gets pissed.  Turnabout is fair play.  Also, we offered the Senecas reservations; they offered the Eries nothing but the business end of a crudely fashioned tomahawk.  …kinda gives “bleeding-heart liberal” a new meaning…