Tuesday, May 24, 2005

“I bought some used paint. It was in the shape of a house.”

Steven Wright, via Slashdot fortune

I suppose I should put the juicy details of prom night in this post, but I don’t think that I really know what happened myself.  I need to have a talk with my date before I try to explain what exactly happened.  Jamis says I should wait a week or so to figure things out, but I don’t have that kind of patience!  She wasn’t in school today, so I’m going to talk to her tomorrow (if I can muster up the balls :P).

I do have great, prom-related news that I can share: Matt D. left the prom early, and my buddy Brian R. took his date!  He got her number, and called her Sunday night.  I bet/hope Matt is quite pissed.

Because my computer has been down for a week or so (not my fault!), most of my posts were coming from the school library, but we have a 450 MHz jalopy hooked up now (no USB ports = no printer!), and it seems to be working fine.  Now we need to buy a new computer… darn!  Mark and I are going to be building it, if Matt (my step-dad, not Matt D.) doesn’t protest too much.