Tuesday, May 17, 2005

“Allow myself to introduce… myself.”

Austin Powers, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

I’ve ordered the tux, and I’m about ready for prom.  I forgot my gym clothes today, so I have two classes to make up by Saturday.  I’m going to make one up tomorrow, and one on Friday.  …I like to live dangerously…  The prom should be fun; I’m going to a party at Amber’s house beforehand.

I can’t wait until Friday, when all the Star Wars shit is over.  At least on Thursday, all of the Star Wars geeks will be home sleeping after seeing the movie at midnight.  I can’t believe I’m calling them geeks; I’m a total geek.  But I’m a math/computer geek; Star Wars geeks are just obsessed.  (Note the PC World sitting by me as I type this.)  Even my “normal” friends want to go see it.  Am I the only person who hates sci-fi (excluding The Hitchhiker’s Guide)?!