Sunday, May 29, 2005

“Somehow, there are only ghosts in the U.S.”

Lars Harzmeier, a German foreign exchange student at F.C.S.

With prom a week behind me, there is no good romantic news to share, but there is a correction on the last post.  Matt D. never left the prom early as I was informed; he merely had his date swept away by Brian.  Perhaps I should take notes from him, since apparently, even my date was not interested in me.

Brian and his family left for Gettysburg, PA this weekend, so I’m going to be bored for the entirety of this weekend.  My step-dad’s friend Aaron and his wife, brother, and brother’s wife all came to Frewsburg from Ohio for the weekend.  They brought… shudder… a child.  He’s about four or five years old and annoying as hell.  I even feel bad for my dog, who received the blunt of his… attention.  I don’t really like kids… at all… so I stayed in my room doing homework and watching VH1’s Games Show Moments Gone Bananas 2 until Aaron’s brother, his wife, and their child left.  When I went out of the safety of my room to obtain pizza, I donned my Keep out of Direct Sunlight t-shirt to continue the premise that I’m merely anti-social, and not that I find the fruit of their loins utterly repulsive.  After the child (No, I don’t know his name.) left, I exited my room and socialized with Aaron and his wife until they left.

The S.A.T. is next weekend, and I’m a little less than pumped.  Jamis is driving me and Shane (the little Indian boy) to Fredonia to take it.  Please note that I am only racist towards Shane because a) it makes his liberal-hippie-douche bag head spin and b) he gets a $1,000 check in the mail every few months from those damned casinos.  Also, he’s probably going to get a whole bunch of undeserved scholarships on top of his deserved ones.  Those who have seen Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle will remember the insult “Twinkie” (yellow on the outside, white on the inside; an Asian who who acts white).  Well Shane is red on the outside and yellow on the inside (like fire, or something).  He’s pretty bright, but unlike Jamis and myself, Shane actually tries.  He studies and goes to review classes, and everyone there points out to him that said review classes are mainly for those who are a little behind.

An interesting side note about Shane’s Seneca heritage, the Senecas massacred the Eries for their territory.  When we white people do the same to them, everyone gets pissed.  Turnabout is fair play.  Also, we offered the Senecas reservations; they offered the Eries nothing but the business end of a crudely fashioned tomahawk.  …kinda gives “bleeding-heart liberal” a new meaning…

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

“I bought some used paint. It was in the shape of a house.”

Steven Wright, via Slashdot fortune

I suppose I should put the juicy details of prom night in this post, but I don’t think that I really know what happened myself.  I need to have a talk with my date before I try to explain what exactly happened.  Jamis says I should wait a week or so to figure things out, but I don’t have that kind of patience!  She wasn’t in school today, so I’m going to talk to her tomorrow (if I can muster up the balls :P).

I do have great, prom-related news that I can share: Matt D. left the prom early, and my buddy Brian R. took his date!  He got her number, and called her Sunday night.  I bet/hope Matt is quite pissed.

Because my computer has been down for a week or so (not my fault!), most of my posts were coming from the school library, but we have a 450 MHz jalopy hooked up now (no USB ports = no printer!), and it seems to be working fine.  Now we need to buy a new computer… darn!  Mark and I are going to be building it, if Matt (my step-dad, not Matt D.) doesn’t protest too much.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

“Allow myself to introduce… myself.”

Austin Powers, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

I’ve ordered the tux, and I’m about ready for prom.  I forgot my gym clothes today, so I have two classes to make up by Saturday.  I’m going to make one up tomorrow, and one on Friday.  …I like to live dangerously…  The prom should be fun; I’m going to a party at Amber’s house beforehand.

I can’t wait until Friday, when all the Star Wars shit is over.  At least on Thursday, all of the Star Wars geeks will be home sleeping after seeing the movie at midnight.  I can’t believe I’m calling them geeks; I’m a total geek.  But I’m a math/computer geek; Star Wars geeks are just obsessed.  (Note the PC World sitting by me as I type this.)  Even my “normal” friends want to go see it.  Am I the only person who hates sci-fi (excluding The Hitchhiker’s Guide)?!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

“If dogs aren’t supposed to eat dental floss out of the trash, why did they make it mint-flavored?”

Brian Griffin, Family Guy

Hey, I’ve got the tickets, and I’m going to get the tux tonight or tomorrow.

I’m missing school Friday the 20th, (the day before prom), to go to some math and science competition.  I guess a math contest isn’t the best alternative to school, but I’ll take it.  Sometime between the math thing and the prom I’m probably going to R.I.T. to see what they have to offer.  I’d best be going, later.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

“When God endowed human beings with brains, He did not intend to guarantee them.”

/. fortune

Hey, another study hall post, this time from a mac.  <ew! />  I’m going to buy the prom tickets today, and hopefully I’ll get my tux today, too.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

“Hello, 911? It's Quagmire. Yeah, it's caught in the window this time.”

Glen Quagmire, Family Guy

Home Alone 2: Bored in Frewsburg.  I think I’m gonna invite Brian over tonight, I’m bored as hell.  This is my third post in three days!  I must really have nothing to do (besides a rough draft for my O. Henry report).

Later tonight my grandma is taking me shopping for a Mother’s Day gift for … my mom.  (Duh.)  I have no idea what to get her; she needs a ThinkGeek wishlist.

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Friday, May 06, 2005

A quick update

I do, now, have a date to the prom, Amber C.  Now, I only need to spend $50 on the tickets, plus $50-ish on the tuxedo … bloody hell … no laptop for me …

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

“No one embarrasses the Pope and gets away with it.  [Looks up at the sky]  SMITE THEM!  …  He's cooking up a something good!”

Pope, Family Guy

Hey, I’m back.  I just gave my Family Tree report, and I’m almost caught up on my research paper.  Now’s the best time to slack off! 

I don’t have a date for prom, and I don’t think I’m going to go.  Maybe Jamis and I can have an anti-prom party.  I know Brian is going, so a night of Xbox (w00t, Halo 2, overrated F.P.S.) is probably out of the question.

In other news, I have a Psychology group project to do, but I have no group.  Everyone else in the class is a senior, so I’m always left out.  That’s always a warm, fuzzy feeling…