Thursday, April 14, 2005

“When the going gets tough, the tough get naked.”

narrator #1, “Real Men of Genius” (Bud Light)

Ignoring all reason, web site building guidelines, and copyright laws, I have bestowed unto thee a jukebox (Windows Media Player) playing Bud Light radio advertisements that I found on iMesh back when I used iMesh (before WinMX).  Please enjoy.

Last night I went to Forrest’s house, we (me, Forrest, Brian, Rob, Jason, and Aaron) stayed up all night chillin’ by a bon fire, wandering around a town-owned lot, and shooting cans with a BB gun.  Much to Jason and Aaron’s dismay, there was no alcohol at the party, which is probably one reason they left at 11:00.  ...Well, no alcohol for us anyway...  The girls (Forrest’s sister and three of her friends) had snuck some Peach Schnapps and weren’t sharing.  I think I was the only one who noticed; they’re lucky I don’t drink, or I would have said something.  Despite my post title, there was no nudity at the party (besides Forrest walking only about 10 feet from the fire to take a piss).  I think the girls like making fun of us more than they actually like us.  I used to have a small crush on Forrest’s sister, but that went away after I found out how psycho she is.  Anyway, I still get harassed for it.  “Clark, stop looking at Taylor’s ass!”  I think she actually believes that I still like her... weird.  Maybe she has an ego problem and can’t understand how anyone could not like her.

Earlier today (at about 11:00), Forrest, Brian, Rob and I went to the Dinner Bell (a really good diner here in Frewsburg).  Brian and Rob both got the special giant-ass pancake and nothing else.  Neither of them could finish the damn things!  Pansies!  I had a medium pancake (which is one size smaller) and a medium order of home fries, and I finished my plate (or plates, rather).  Forrest had the omelet meal (and finished it) and helped the pansies with their pancakes.  At least some of us are real men!  <!-- I’m so full I think I need to lay down! -->  Afterwards, Forrest and Rob (who didn’t finish his meal) went down to the Igloo (ice cream place) for slushies.  Brian went home to nap, and I picked on him on the way there.

Anyway, I think it’s time for me to go lay down in my room and watch the shows I taped last night (Smallville, MythBusters, and South Park).  Later.

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