Saturday, April 09, 2005

“If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.”

No date for the prom yet, and all of you are evidence...  So if I see you before you see me, look out!  (That’s a quote from Red vs Blue.  [I forget which episode.]  I really don’t expect anyone to get it, besides Mark.)  Any way, Easter Vacation started, and I’ve got some homework to be doing that probably isn’t gonna get done.

“Most intelligent leftists understand that blind acceptance of all things is as tyrannical as pure fascism.”  (Take that Mark!)  I YaGoohoo!gle-d “anti-hippie” and found this site: The Anti-Hippie Action League.  These people are geniuses!  Read the Counter-Hippie Tactics.  From a hippie hate-mail letter: “There are reasons why hippies are the way they are.  Trees give you life.  Once all the screw-ups ruin them all, and you can’t breathe, then we’ll see how much you hate trees.”  My response: What the fuck?  You dipshits are smoking all of the trees!  Another hippie hate-mail ends in: “See you later, you spawn of Satan.”  My response: Aren’t you people (and I use that term loosely) supposed to be accepting of everybody’s beliefs?  We are the anti-Satanists, not you!  One final hippie hate-mail excerpt: “Would you condemn Jesus?”  My response: Jesus was not a hippie!  Jesus actually helped people, rather than getting high and moshing.  I’ll admit that his hair looks hippie-ish, but long hair alone does not make a hippie.
Expect a link to this and possibly other anti-hippie sites to appear on my sidebar very soon.