Saturday, April 02, 2005

Fight Night: Round 2

Fight Night: Round 2 from EA Sports

The fight continued yesterday (Friday) after school.  This time Kacie pushed Felicia to the ground and kicked her.  A much shorter, yet more violent skirmish.  The crowd was bigger this time partly because we all expected it and partly because Hannah P. told everyone that it would occur at the same time and same place.  The fact that both Kacie and Felicia were in all of their classes (including the English class that they share) really pisses me off.  When Joe T. and Ben L. got into a tiny fight in the cafeteria last year, they immediately received three days of I.S.S. (In School Suspension).  I will add that the fight resolved itself, and before any teacher arrived, they were sitting together, eating and being merry.  I can’t comprehend how Kacie and Felicia got away with it.

In happier news, as of Monday, I have a Study Hall.  Hooray!  No more Parenting!  Now I can get some work done during school hours to leave me with more time to play the game I just rented, (No it’s not Fight Night: Round 2.) it’s GoldenEye: Rogue Agent from Blockbuster.  Their new one-week-late-and-you-buy-it policy is actually pretty cool.  I get two weeks of FPS mayhem for $6.99, and I buy the game for $23.00 more (a total of $29.99).  Due to my lack of funds, I will not be buying this excellent game, but I’m glad the option is there.