Tuesday, April 12, 2005

“Excuse me, is your refrigerator running? Because if it is, it probably runs like you - very homosexually.”

Peter Griffin, Family Guy

Behold! I am 1337!  I have written a new program for my TI-83 Plus, a line-segment grapher.  You may save the worshipping for a later date.

I suppose it’s time for another Easter Vacation update.  Nothing much happened today... I got up at 7 o’-fuckin’-clock this morning.  No reason, I just had my road test today!  I’m not certain how, but I passed.  My Certificate of Completion (Driver’s Ed.) had the wrong last name, I failed to signal three times, and I had “excessive space for parking.”  Also, he marked one instance of “fails to adequately observe/use caution” which is total bullshit.  I was almost too cautious, I left ample parking space, I... uh... it’s kinda hard to defend three instances of not signaling, but they were totally called for!  Anyway, the guy was 31 minutes and 35 seconds late, and a very rude bastard, I might add!  If you’re out there Examiner #501, you suck!  ...and thanks for passing me...

Barneé sleeping on couchIn other news, my dog is still sick.  The mutt’s been throwing up since she ate her red ball, and we can’t give her people food.  I know I’m going to start gaining weight now; I always share my meals with her.  ...Maybe that’s why she’s been throwing up... oh well.  Until we meet again.

■ fixed the User Stats section; It now recognizes Mozilla-based browsers successfully (I hope).
■ The stylesheet and many of the scripts are now hosted remotely to shorten load times, reduce bandwidth use, and become more standards-compliant.  Also, sometimes Blogger takes the line breaks out of my home page.  This doesn’t affect (X)HTML or well-formed JavaScript and CSS, but my JavaScript is rarely well-formed, so perhaps remote-hosting would be the best idea.  (I bet Bravenet doesn’t have any problems preserving line breaks.)