Sunday, March 06, 2005

“The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.”

My parents are sleeping right now.  Those damn “party animals” were up all night last night.  They got home at around 3:00.  Even I was asleep!  Matt D.J.s for some extra cash, and he was at the Trilliam (sp?) Lodge.  Apparently, the Trilliam is a meeting place for local couples who meet on the Internet.  (This means that there are a lot of gay couples.)  Also, local redneck snowmobilers have a few cold ones at this bar.  Everyone knows that gays + rednecks = hours of entertainment!  So my step-dad spent the night playing Dodge-Cock* while my mom received fashion tips.  Sounds like fun...

I guess I’ve got a five-day week before me; let’s hope that I can handle it.  I got a few English outlines done, and I finished my Pre-Calc homework.  I’ll probably do some more outlines and then wait for...  I just checked, and Boston Legal isn’t on tonight.  Damnation!

Note: Dodge-Cock is game that Cory V. and I came up with in gym class.  (He created the game; I coined the name.)  It’s like Dodgeball, except with badminton shuttlecocks.  Those things can hurt.

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