Friday, March 25, 2005

My dog is stoned.

Barneé (my dog) just got back from the vet a few hours ago.  She had some doggie Valium and is staggering around the house.  Barneé was in the hospital in the first place because she ate her red ball.  She then threw up about a third of it and had been vomiting all over the house.  Fortunately, the X-ray revealed that there was no red ball remaining in her stomach, and now she will not need to undergo the dangerous red ball-ectomy.  To keep her from continuing her evil plot to destroy our carpet, the vet prescribed some anti-vomit medication.  Just in case it doesn’t work, I’m gonna keep my bedroom door securely closed.

For those of you who must know, the date has been postponed to sometime next week... after school... with her friend.  Fucking awesome.

In sports news, we won the last two badminton games, one by default (kinda) and one 14-4.  In the game against Jake M. and Danni (sp?) K. we neither kept score nor actually played.  Danni was in her own little world, and she tried to drag us into the abyss with her.  Against Tom C. and Cathy L. (from the Joe T. and Cathy L. game), we killed.  We “lost count” a few times and basically lowered our own score because we felt bad for Cathy.  Normally the guy on the co-ed team tries to hog the shuttlecock (Yes, I do like using that word.), but Tommy was way off in Stoner-land.  He even wandered off to the locker room at some point.  When he returned, we restarted from the point at which he left.  Neither of them seemed to happy to be there.  For the first time I didn’t really break a sweat.  I break sweats like the Governator breaks girlie-men’s faces, so that’s really an accomplishment.

On that note, I leave you.  Later.

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