Thursday, March 31, 2005

Let’s get ready to rumble!

A fight broke out today after school.  Felicia and Kacie (I believe, my view wasn’t the greatest) duked it out like real men: slapping, scratching, and hair-pulling.  The fight cooled down by itself before any teachers or administrators showed up.  Personally, I don’t think that the school should intervene in isolated, mutual fights.  Some guys (and apparently, some girls also) just need to settle it with their fists (or press-on nails).

Back to sports, we won the last two games, one today and one on Tuesday.  We whooped Forrest and Emily R. today.  (Behold and beware the uber-1337 B4dmint0n N1njah)  Today I left my gym clothes at home, thinking that we had to take a survey thingy today.  The survey is scheduled for Monday.  Mr. J. was cool enough to let me go without penalty (the quarter ends tomorrow [Friday]).

Apparently, you-know-who has a boyfriend.  I don’t feel too stupid; she did kinda lead me on.  I guess we can be... *shudder* ...friends.  Seriously, I think that that would be alright.  We’re scheduled to go to the Frewsburger tomorrow (Friday) after school, but that may be cancelled.  Who knows?

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