Friday, March 18, 2005

“Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy.”

15-6 Wednesday in gym.  We won, for the first time.  Go us!  It was against Joe T. and Cathy, too.  Joe was tough, but I was tougher.  His selection of a white shuttlecock worried me at first, as the ceiling of the gym is white, making the shuttlecock difficult to see, but we demolished them in spite of it... or maybe because of it...  Who knows?

A 15-12 win today over Matt D. and Anna S.  Apparently Matt’s team was undefeated... was!  It was a pretty close one, but Sami’s 6-point serving run proved quite beneficial.  We’re actually a pretty good team.  Sami’s a lot better than I originally thought.

Bens (my current [11th grade] English teacher) was kind enough to tell us about our upcoming unit exam.  It’s on Monday.  For those of you who did not read the timestamp on this, today is Friday.  At least Such (my 8th and 9th grade English teacher; pronounced “sooch”) never gave us a pop unit exam!  Now I need to do all of my outlines over the weekend.

I may go to the musical tonight or tomorrow night.  Yes, I am going because of a girl, but it’s better than in 9th grade, when I joined the musical because of a girl (who currently does not attend Frewsburg, never went out with me, never particularly liked me, and, oh yeah, didn’t make the cast!!!)  I have a bad history with musicals...  Also, make-up sucks.  Another victory for man: no make-up.  Man: 1, Woman: 0.

I guess I haven’t mentioned that I joined the Quiz Bowl team.  I apologize.  Well, the season is over.  We needed to win that one match that I attended.  I was no help, and we lost 94-40, or something like that.  Mrs. E. was unhappy about the lack of seriousness exhibited by the other teams.  I thought that it was hilarious.  I think that Mark and Sami F. (not Sami H. from gym class) agree with me, but they certainly won’t admit it.  Mrs. E. is pretty scary sometimes.

I’ll try to update one more time over the weekend, but I can’t guarantee anything.  I may see Kaylee and Brandon over the weekend (also a maybe).  I offered to take them and Foatz to the Frewsburger (a pizza place; ironically, they do not serve hamburgers), as I have $25 in gift certificates.  I doubt that they can turn down free pizza.