Sunday, February 06, 2005

“When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.”

Well, the Super Bowl is about to start, and my History 154 project is not going well.  I have a lot to do, and I don’t feel like doing it.  I finished my 350-word essay on why I’m not ready to be a parent (Parenting class: a new NYS-mandated course).  Now that I’m back to my History project, I can only think of what Mr. W. told me on Friday.
“You need to put more depth in your essays.  On the next final, you’ll only get half-credit for that much work.”

Fuck Off!

I got a 99 on my E.L.A.!  If my essays are that bad, maybe you should tell that to Ms. B., Mrs. E., and Mr. S.*  Jumpin’ Jihad!  Besides, if I got a 73 on the 153 final, and I only lost 4 or 5 points on the multiple choice/Supreme Court cases, then how could I not have gotten about half-credit already?!

Oh well, time to watch the game...  Later.

*Sorry about the initials, but I don’t want to use last names on the Internet.  There are a lot of weirdos out there. ;)