Wednesday, February 02, 2005

“I’d kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.”

Okay, y’know that E.L.A.... the English regents exam that all high school juniors (at least in New York State) need to take to graduate... the one that sucks ass... big ass... about that particular test... I got a 99!!  Ninety-fucking-nine!

I honestly have no clue how I pulled that off.  I did manage to complete the final drafts in Part II, but they sucked!  Vaudeville?  Various forms of irrigation?  I’d rather watch women’s basketball for three hours.  (No offense to any female basketball players reading this.)  As you may have read on Jamis’ blog, she failed to complete the multiple choice properly, but Ms. B. needed Jamis’ good grade to stroke her own ego.  She “pulled some strings” to allow Jamis to fill in the bubbles that she marked with X’s.

Well, that's my celebration/rant.  I'm missing the State of the Union address, but I'd rather read Ctrl+Alt+Del.  I'd better get back to that now...
whoop!  Barneé must go outside.  Either way, later.