Tuesday, February 15, 2005

“Half the people you know are below average.”

I hope all of you had a happy St. Valentine’s Day.  (Unless you have a significant other, then I wish pain and torture upon you.)  I’m still eating V.D. candy, despite the fact that I’m on a diet.  I guess if I’m going to be depressed, I should be fat, too. 

I do suppose that I’m exaggerating.  I’ve been having a good couple of days recently.  That damn holiday threw me off; that’s all.

I’m uncommonly confident that I will find a date to the prom.  Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, who knows?  I just have this feeling that I’m actually going to enjoy the prom.  I hope that I’m right; I’ve been wrong with these things before.  Like the dance where Joe H. pissed me off and I punched his friend.  His friend was being a dick too, but I should’ve punched Joe.  I had a date to that dance (at whom I really was mad, but of course, I could never hit).

On a totally different subject: I have an odd question.  If I own a copy of a CD, but my copy is the edited version, is it illegal for me to download the unedited tracks without paying for them?  (hypothetically, of course)