Friday, January 14, 2005

Wow, my first blog...

Well, here I am... This is a little awkward... I guess I just start...

It's Friday and the day is over. Yay! I still need to start my homework... but that can wait (probably until Sunday). My birthday is in 9 days. I would be excited, but I have mid-terms/finals scattered around that elusive Sunday, so I'm just ready for the month to be over.

This whole college thing is starting to stress me. Right now I need to plan out my entire life... I don't have that kind of time. I'm still planning a birthday party!

While I should be doing something, I'm just typing in a blog few people will read... I guess I'll do anything to avoid homework. Don't get me wrong, I've been wanting to start a journal for a while now, I've just been too lazy. Plus my parents claim that "there is no privacy in this house." Sure, whatever. "Touch my journal and die!" applies to them, too. Of course the whole online thing kinda removes privacy from my blog, but my parents will (hopefully) never know about this.

[note to="Jaime"]My mom signed out of, so I couldn't see what she bought me even if I wanted too.[/note]
[!-- I'm too lazy to figure out how to use (X)HTML entities in posts right now. Maybe later. --]

[P.S.]People should need to pass a test before they can purchase electronics. (My relatively intelligent parents + DVD player = two monkeys + square peg + round hole)[/P.S.]